Treasure drive car Diuju Rashomon vehicle is the tenant platform fraud compensation

treasure drive car Diuju "Rashomon

Phoenix Science and technology news December 2nd news, recently, the court of Haidian court heard two cases of vehicles through the P2P car rental platform lost after the case.

for private cars lost during the rental period, two car advocate and Ms. Ms. Yan sued the treasure drive car platform claims, treasure drive car has said, do not assume any liability, the company is a large car platform, the owner has profit behavior, will have to bear a certain risk.

yesterday evening, Bao driving car rental said in a statement, because Ms. Zhang, Ms. Yan was untrue, improper statements to the media guide media is not objective report damage the company’s reputation, today officially filed a lawsuit to two people, two people immediately stop infringement, apology and compensation for the treasure drive car caused by the loss of goodwill.

two car owners during the loss of car rental car rental treasure

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proceedings of the driving car Diuju event, car advocate, Ms. Ms. Yan, the situation is similar, is the vehicle rental to passengers through the treasure drive car platform, the installation of GPS vehicle display is abnormal, then the vehicle lost. According to sources treasure drive car, the vehicle owner Ms. Yan, the lessee has been in Hubei Province, Yichang Criminal Investigation Detachment detention, car advocate Ms. vehicle has been Beijing Chaoyang Branch discovery and monitoring.

claims she believes that the vehicle through the treasure drive car rental platform is lost, as a company specializing in providing intermediary services for the owners and tenants of the company, should bear the corresponding responsibilities and obligations.

in addition, the owner Ms. Yan said, to see the treasure driving car rental advertising, Bao driving car rental and cooperation with the government and other institutions, will strictly verify the identity and credit car rental. But during the chase, she found her car rental before the fact, surnamed Wang fraud history, just released from prison, he never used the bank card, do not check the treasure drive car.

Ms. Yan said, the loss of vehicles has been filed in the public security organs, but she did not receive any compensation for the treasure drive given, she repeatedly has failed and the treasure driving consultation, so the prosecution treasure drive car, request for compensation for the loss of more than 28 yuan.

P2P car rental platform is not a case, after the Phoenix technology has been reported to another car rental platform PP car owners lost. In fact, in the face of malicious fraud tenants, the removal of GPS, the vehicle out of the scope of the agreement and other issues, P2P car rental platform is often unable to take effective measures to prevent the occurrence of fraud.

and the loss of the vehicle, although the number of P2P car rental platform commitment vehicles are on the platform of high security in the publicity, but the vehicle was fraud case of missing tenant, the owner claims is difficult to obtain, the owner is also very difficult to platform responsibility.

Bao driving car said no payment obligations will sue the owner to damage the reputation of