Storm CEO Feng Xin the video industry has been dead


May 19th disconnection caused by storm events has been in the past 3 months, the company CEO Feng Xin was still in a state of fear: "storm of companies, it is absolutely the test of life and death." He is pleased that the storm not only survived the crisis, but getting better. The more he is pleased that the network video industry also swept past the decline. "The door" event for the first time after an interview with reporters Feng Xin even bold statement: "the network video industry has bottomed out, back to life."

high cost

very careful recall

if the strong storm in recent years the development of the Feng Xin fame, and "storm door event" made him a metamorphosis, really into the list of public figures. Just one or two weeks, Feng Xin twice on CCTV, by hundreds of media reports focused on the speech and interview video was uploaded to the potatoes, Youku and other video sites attracted many hits, even his words, we are also victims of network catchwords become number one. Feng Xin admitted, at that time, any step slightly careless, the user is likely to abandon you."

storm door to storm the biggest revelation is the first to take more social responsibility, the second is to do the product excellence. For the recall, Feng Xin acknowledged that the company paid more than expected. But in June 19th after the new version is released, the user support let Feng Xin feel this thing to do, to see in July, according to iResearch statistics, storm users but an increase of nearly 30 million, increased from 120 million to 150 million.

is the software industry for the first time Chinese recall cases, and is likely to become a classic demonstration China product recall: timely apology, free delivery CD, open 24 hours hotline, and the "Beijing morning news" and other media site distributed software…… After the recall of Feng Xin injured in the sinews or bones, the feeling is: "do you recall is not a product, but the user expectations and confidence in you, never really need to do to afford something users."

video industry has bottomed out

said Feng Xin for the current development of the entire video industry: the video industry affected by the financial crisis in the past six months, the overall investment and management have been shrinking, very quiet. However, the past six months is also a process of saving power, the current video industry has bottomed out.

in the past month, frequent action of many video manufacturers make a footnote to this conclusion. August 4th, Fosun shares the video portal exciting network released a "three screen" channel strategy; one month, Shanghai Oriental Broadband company officially launched the "Shanghai network television network tv". The video industry once again fast.

copyright is still set in the video business on the neck of a rope. Feng Xin acknowledged that the solution to the problem of video copyright is a long-term process, and the cost of breaking the video industry bottlenecks become the key point of this round of industrial development. >