The global DNS domain name Taking incremental Top10 million net in third

IDC network ( on 19 August 03 reports: according to the real-time data of foreign statistics agency DailyChanges released in March 17th, in the global DNS domain name taking incremental Top10 list, China occupy three seats. Among them, China civilink ranked third, 1754 new domain name. DNSPod ranked fourth, 51DNS ranked sixth. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements.

(Figure 1) global domain name service provider domain name increment Top10

as shown in Figure 1, the new domain name on the list before ten DNS providers are: DOMAINCONTROL.COM, REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM, DNSPod, NAMEBRIGHTDNS.COM, Chinese civilink, 51DNS, BLUEHOST.COM, HOSTGAOR.COM, WORLDNIC.COM and WIX.COM.

among them, the largest incremental domain name analysis DOMAINCONTROL.COM, add 25275 domain names, far more than the rest of the domain name resolution. Chinese civilink added 1754, ranking third; DNSPod added 1585, ranking fourth; 51DNS added 1351, ranked sixth.

(Figure 2) global domain name service provider domain name increment Top10

as shown in Figure 2, the top ten of the increment in the domain name resolution service provider, DOMAINCONTROL.COM topped the list, but the comprehensive data show that in March 17th this day, DNS provider DOMAINCONTROL.COM performance is not perfect, the total change [] is negative, that is a net decrease of 360 a domain name, that is, in on the day of March 17th, DNS provider DOMAINCONTROL.COM showed negative growth. The same situation also Chinese nets etc..

and DNSPod and 51DNS are very different from the above. On March 17th this day, according to [total change] data, DNSPod net growth of 1598 domain names, 51DNS net growth of 1827 domain names.