Dangdang explore community marketing launched Pinterest platform


Dangdang explore community marketing launched Pinterest platform


technology news June 14th morning news, in addition to the introduction of other B2C category, and Dangdang advantage category assigned to other platforms, to explore the community still Dangdang marketing, and officially launched the Pinterest platform "Dangdang share", Dangdang want users to build online photo sharing through the relationship and recommendation, the final sales.

Dangdang mobile Internet division head Hu Yi said, for Dangdang, providing class Pinterest products, users will be posted pictures of goods, you can get a simple review or recommendation.

actually Dangdang users themselves have such a need to interact and share. This emphasis on sharing, communication and social interaction, social reading, sharing mode, can not only create a better community atmosphere, but also can stimulate the sales of mobile phone client, previously, "Dangdang pictorial" has shown a certain share value guide." Hu Yi said.

photo sharing social networking site Pinterest, is through the user’s interest in the picture to bring together the same interests of the people to discuss the network, which in just 9 months has exceeded 10 million. While online shopping platform can effectively carry out the books, by this way, digital home appliances and other goods for the recommendation of friends, reach a consumer, and become an effective way of promotion, currently has a beautiful, mogujie.com equivalent imitation.

in addition to Pinterest site independent, platform type websites are offering similar products, such as Taobao in April this year also launched the Pinterest pictures community "naughty rabbit", and also hope that through the way of the final realization of business interest.

Morgan released a research report that, in the future, there will be two major trends in e-commerce, one is the community, one is the scale of the. The combination of e-commerce and the community can not only affect the purchasing decisions of potential consumers, thereby facilitating the transaction, but also help the platform to improve the user experience beyond the low-cost.

currently Dangdang share only on-line version of the test, emphasis is also placed in the sharing of books, Dangdang old users can directly log commodity share discussion, while new users need to register before the discussion. (Lin Ming)