College students flocked to the nternet business Taobao can really help get rich


Taobao, really difficult for college students to provide employment opportunities to get rich Taobao


financial tsunami has brought great pressure on College graduates. Coincided with the convening of the two sessions, many delegates called on the government to encourage college students to start a business. At the same time, the network for its low cost, multi species and high demand and other advantages, attracting a lot of college students to try, is expected in 2009, Taobao will achieve only one million direct jobs. But this can really solve the problem of college students employment difficult


Guangdong University of Business advertising design professional Tan read the "Taobao University", in Taobao opened the drawing board monopoly shop, but nearly half a year to sell a drawing board. He found that college students online business difficulties.

background: 570 thousand people a year through open shop to achieve employment

network entrepreneurship has become the students’ entrepreneurial new data show that in 2008 there are 570 thousand people in the Taobao online shop to achieve employment, more than half of them at the age of 23-32. It is understood that some college students due to online business stable during the school, after graduation to this as a living, while the low cost of the shop is also more likely to survive.

experts believe that the network will become an important driving force of China’s economy in 2009.

according to the international advisory body IDC said that each person through the network set up shop to achieve employment, will promote employment opportunities in 2.85 related industries.

is expected in 2009, Taobao will achieve only one million direct jobs, these positions are mainly concentrated in logistics, finance, marketing and other online shopping related industries.

status: January earnings two hundred difficult to meet the graduation requirements

in spite of this, there are still some difficulties in college students’ network entrepreneurship. As a graduate student bell ended in the Taobao online business, looking for clerical work. "Open shop can make my school life was a bit moist, but can not make me satisfied with graduation."

mentioned above Tan, six months to find online business is not good to do, because of their relatively little care, and did not put any money." Tan concluded that open shop in addition to invest more time and effort, but also to pay a certain cost, increase the intensity of publicity. "I’m going to sell supplies for women." Tan said he was planning to broaden the scope of business, the most important thing is to have their own wholesalers.

he also told reporters that there are many students in this part-time business, "I have a friend, now shop monthly earnings can reach one hundred or two hundred yuan, if he can full-time into the shop, I want to solve the food and clothing should not be a problem." Tan said that when the next year to graduate, you may consider the Internet business.

survey: over 90% graduates do not consider the network venture