YouTube ten years in mind from the acquisition of Google

10 years ago (U.S. local time on October 9, 2006), Google announced the acquisition of YouTube for $1 billion 650 million, which has become one of the most influential acquisitions in the technology sector. Since its inception in February 15, 2005, YouTube has gone through 11 years, let us take a look at the growth of YouTube over the years:

from social networking sites to video platform

February 15, 2005, former PayPal employee Chad · Hurley (Chad Hurley), Chen Shijun (Steve Chen) and Joe de · Kareem (Jawed Karim) established YouTube company. At the beginning, they received $3 million 500 thousand from Sequoia Capital investment.


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at first, they just want to provide a search through the social networking site for people to find friends. Unexpectedly, YouTube has gradually developed into a video sharing and communication platform, which is what we see today.


this is the Youtube home page (April 2005: Archive)

YouTube the first video is one of the founders of Kareem uploaded "I’m in the zoo" (Me at the Zoo). Although this video is only 19 seconds long, there is nothing special, but in view of its long history, viewing more than 33 million people.

net red incubator

as the largest Internet network red birthplace, YouTube made many ordinary people dream of a star, such as the famous Mourinho is through this platform in the world popular.

in the "Jiangnan Style" before YouTube, the first worldwide video is produced by Nike "staring ronaldinho". Although the YouTube has not been able to find this video, but in September 2005 during the site test, this video was uploaded, click quickly reached 1 million.


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YouTube, a famous cook by ordinary aunt, makeup girl, teach people to rely on video spoof funny forced brother Bo eyeball…… Of course, if you want to select the number one YouTube network red, non P>