Network marketing blogger soft writing three points experience

from the beginning of my blog has been more than six months time, more than half a year I wrote more than and 30 posts, I think it is necessary to write an article on how to write bowen. There are too many articles about the soft writing skills, but I insist for every people who write articles, writing the path they have experienced are not the same place, everyone can through their own blog writing experience to share their experiences.

first of all, I would like to say that the article to write from the most familiar aspects of writing. I have a feeling that, to write their own familiar things about half an hour fast to write, write something unfamiliar, probably not a half day to write. For example, I wrote an article "the reason why I write the blog and the benefits" probably only took half an hour, most of the other articles will not exceed two hours. And I write down "article, because not familiar with the industry, you need to check a lot of information, usually takes about three to four hours, and the writing process is painful, writing is not too ideal. For example, I wrote before, from the point of interest in the engine of information to see the new direction of Internet marketing took about four hours.

so now I come to understand why some writers are so productive that they can write so many words in their lives. The reason is that they love reading, interest is the best teacher, but also thinking, author and vibes and have their own ideas, then in their own way with their own life experience to express, content is very rich. I have written before comic sketches like the script, because of interest, especially the thinking of these things will show in front of everyone, so special care, almost eat the toilet when walking in the thinking of the script, so the inspiration will be more, write things will be better. So for writers, writing is a kind of expression, do not write it will hold the bad guys. When a person dedicated to one thing, often will be good results.

to write something useful to others. Because of my article is to achieve in the work experience, so basically it is quite useful, even if I mention in the article you want to promote the brand information, usually will not affect the reader’s reading experience. If the article has some specific data as a support effect will be better, such as the increase in the case of WeChat lottery fans, you can directly insert the screenshot of the article. This will be more convincing.


write to write articles to customers, because it is the charge, need to be more carefully. When I first started writing it was rather painful. Later, I strengthened the reading of the excellent model and understanding of the industry. When reading the essay attention in the language, but also to grasp the structure of the way. Remember to go to school when the teacher of each article of Chinese textbook, was still very confused, it seems very necessary.

basically this is the "switch to the customer data or the recent news events to speak, as I wrote before a close >