Any questions for 60 million B round of financing for the Senate Tencent

Abstract: early in the product line before they get a plum Afan venture capital and venture capital investment 250ml totaling 10 million yuan; to get A round of financing at the end of 2014, A round of investment by the amphora venture capital lead investor, the amount of financing of $18 million; in 2015 the Tencent public record space "double hundred plan" hatch, and get the Tencent investment.

today, online education platform leading questions Afan announced $60 million B round of financing, this round of financing by the Shenzhen Venture Capital (Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Limited), Phoenix auspicious, Everest and Tencent to participate in.

Afa CEO,

founder and IvyS entrepreneurship Camp student Chen Lijiang

products, channels, market three core drive, the core strengths of online education began to break

since July 2014 on the line, in the 1 year and a half years of rapid development, has won a total of 20 million students and tens of thousands of users of teachers. In the product, the main camera avatar title search, instant counseling, answering reality "of Afa, known as the online education field" Uber ", is the only answer to achieve a 100% rate of Q & a product. This year, the character problem further cultivating students answering the demand, launched on-demand services — "instant counseling" products, to achieve the "30 seconds to find the teacher, 5 minutes to help a problem" the speed of service. Afa has become the nation’s largest online answer platform for real life, the teacher can answer 500 thousand questions every day.

In addition to the

product technology to solve the user pain points, Afa in the channel and the whole product line, Zhi Hong, Qu and supplementary industry leaders to establish a deep strategic partnership, the most accurate channel line has to help product growth; investment in Tencent, Tencent owns powerful online resources will help Laical still more fast forward.

in the market, based on the accumulated fan a year and a half of the massive user behavior data and user research, took the lead in the field of Education released the first big data report: "online education of primary and secondary school students nationwide" learning pressure survey. This report explores and analyzes the causes and characteristics of the students’ homework difficulties from multi dimensions, and raises a wide range of concerns and comments from the media, experts, families and students.

every six months on a level, leading the online education market

recently, Afa won a number of awards including the Tencent industry, "2015 annual competitive online education brand" award and the Tencent "2015 year popular education APP two awards; Afa founder and CEO Chen Lijiang was elected as the Tencent" 2015 year education enterprise influential man "title. Chen Lijiang is a doctoral student at Peking University and Yale University. He worked at HP China Research institute. Afa core team members from BAT, Google, Microsoft, Boston consulting and other top companies.

early in the product line before they get a plum Afan venture capital and venture capital general > 250ml