A fine soldier ants plan site market differentiation

booming recently Ali mother planned the soldier into the air, I also join in join in the fun. Recently, we are busy watching the Green Olympics, I do not tremble, simply to talk about the plan.

first site positioning for small and medium enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. Large companies, ostentatious, television advertising spending without mercy, ask them to get online promotion difficult. Positioning of small and medium enterprises and individuals really, at home and abroad in the economic environment, decided this year is an extraordinary year, as everyone knows something, I will not say not much, light a subordinated debt, many enterprises have to walk on the edge of bankruptcy, so how to quickly go to the market the front end is each enterprise owners and entrepreneurs the most pressing problem, we get the function of the website is to build a bridge, shorten the distance between supply and demand.

is the market location, now we started differentiation website content, why fine differentiation? It is to avoid the differentiation competition, on one point, do the fine line, the higher the probability of success. For example, you get the movie station, now Youku potatoes, fame is too strong, they have to shake a little feet, the other three days. The good old saying, that is again good a spent force, the arrow has shot to the place, the US is going to shoot these to the place, get boiling stove. Normal movie video can’t get them to get children’s movies, erotic movies, ha ha, anyway, which decided to get which site has major site of difficulty, is the site of small independent wind more, there will be no major film companies not to come to you when I ran to the copyright, here is not to teach you go to Zhuangan pirated thing. Although here for just the movie, of course, other sites can also get in a bit, a screw of the spirit, the chances of success will be much higher. For example, I pushed me (www.tuituiwo.cn), I put into the promotion enterprise, personal blog, and even fine differentiation, will make the star, celebrity, at home and overseas, in Hong Kong or get a network, you can also Star special ah, ha ha ha, head start anyway. Well, there must be some good ideas, methods.

well, now I want to talk about my army plan, of course I am not Ali and people have a good family, "Baba", make a mighty army is never too much. I think so, still make an example, for example, want to do this special solar energy enterprises, from this a few steps to recruit, to manufacturers, make a list of all solar manufacturers list, the corresponding data are got, with Himin currently on the market, temple, Tianyuan and so on a series of. We can find that these manufacturers, helping them get a free advertising links and so on, to provide some open space so that they can develop, such as the best of their recruitment can be put like we do here, here a little negotiation skills, you say to Tianyuan, ah, big brother Himin in my job to do and you don’t want to put me here swinging. Oh, turn to the Emperor Ming said, "