The huge traffic stolen by social media


now with more and more people understand the network marketing, Baidu is not a good place to improve traffic, good keywords dozens of companies scramble for money, even vote for hit, which is our grassroots fight place. If you want to do what things from the Internet, the main source of Baidu’s traffic cannot be used as a website, or your business will be like the sky because Baidu drink the northwest wind, weather, change over time. As long as the algorithm again, or a little adjustment, will affect the flow of your site. Even if your site traffic is stable, stable rankings, you have to pay attention to your competitors, to prevent them from getting up, take your traffic. Promotion of Baidu, that is kaoshanchishan.

here I give you a simple analysis of the social networking site traffic come from, and how to start


this thing everyone should know —- Baidu share

in fact, he is very powerful, with a good enough to bring two times the flow of the site. The principle is very simple website users to share user browsing friends — users friends reprint – users friends visit, the principle is very simple, one of the most important things, but many people do not understand some skills and friends how to attract users reproduced — trust.

after my long-term research and practice, I summed up the way to attract users to share the initiative to share the four

1 fun

first said Youku Internet cafes, every day there are a lot of interesting video upload, if you see a funny video, such as "a group of sows fell into the river" or "Jay Chou is in pole dancing" when Wang Han went to a variety of interesting video airline stewardess ", when you see, is not to share with friends fun. Especially before a king called micro-blog customers, tens of millions of fans, why are there so many moments, because it is interesting and fun, a forward look, new customers more than

2 can learn

If the

QQ space every day Liu Dang will share the network marketing skills, and the QQ is Liu also learned the latest industry information, and the log writing is very professional, through my blog can learn a lot of knowledge of the industry, to Liu Dang QQ log message, and then will give you the answer, you will say some people, after a little forward, introduced to others, will not have

3 can benefit

some companies often engage in a raffle, such as "pumping apple, flat plate" conditions to add micro-blog or WeChat to be eligible to participate in, introduce a friend to a qualification. General company as long as the price of a few apple mobile phone, you can collect hundreds of thousands of fans, but such fans are not accurate. Some industries are still suitable for

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