Peng Yucheng blog marketing is the most easily overlooked aspects

to write this blog marketing is because of the recent Peng Yucheng in the blog marketing process to understand some of the things that we want to share with you to explore. The scope of blog marketing is too wide, today is to share with you a few large enterprises is easy to ignore in the blog marketing, blog marketing, blog marketing products etc. Then one by one to discuss with you.

remember to share with you a piece of "Baidu space was sealed," the article, said it also clever. Recently, a friend of my Sina blog was also closed, and I wrote the article analysis. It can be seen that in fact like audit several major portals Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Baidu, and so on the blog network requirements almost, for the enterprise, hard in the portal blog, add content, engage in the promotion, really sorry finally left the closure of the results. According to the two cases and the practice of blog marketing in recent years, Peng Yucheng summed up the following problems: the most easily overlooked.

1, platform selection

Peng Yucheng met enterprise with the independent domain name do blog marketing relatively few successful, in the choice of platform, basically 90% enterprises will choose portals such as Sina blog, blog is more popular. Here’s a question: what is the difference between building more than one blog or just building a blog? What’s the difference between the two? If you can’t make up your mind, see the second blog.

2, target location

companies decided to do at the beginning of the blog marketing should have a clear goal, whether it is simply to add keywords chain or improve the company’s brand, Peng Yucheng that must be finalized in the blog marketing, so that we can determine what are built several blogs, choose which platform to build a blog. Read most of the corporate blog positioning is the company’s full name or product name to name the blog, Peng Yucheng can not say that this is not good. But now from the development trend of the blog, these companies OUT.

note: This article from the blue team members must see more of the original Peng Yucheng, Peng Yucheng personal blog.

especially for those service-oriented enterprises, who will pay attention to what happens to your business, what happens to employees, product introductions and more fancy. They are more concerned about you should buy this product, after buying the product will not be old, you here are the product price is not higher than in other areas of information and so on, and the enterprise to set up blog should be more from the perspective of mining, and if the enterprise continuously in the blog advertising or publicity with the contents of the article, sooner or later be dropped by K.

The purpose of

is to build more than one blog in order to pack products and services from multiple angles, so as to enhance the brand position in the industry. Peng Yucheng believes that the establishment of the best blog from a certain industry, which should be determined according to the company’s target users. For example, a company’s target user is