The media announced for tens of millions of dollars A round of investment capital investment area e

news January 23rd, fourteen, dark horse camp campers enterprise Internet entertainment content industry company I revealed to the media the dark horse, the company has completed the tens of millions of dollars A+ round of financing. This round of financing led by the monarch associated capital investment, the capital with the cast, gehua.

Ying media founder and CEO Wu Yan told the I the dark horse, this round of financing is mainly used for the development of the publicity issue, business marketing, product manufacture business. It is reported that this is the media Jolimark Angel round, A round of financing after the completion of a year in the first round of financing.  

data show that the media was founded in September 2015, is an internet entertainment industry company. Since the establishment of a year, its business has covered the complete chain of network content, students and business, products, and through investment layout industry investment company, has been involved in the "ghost chuideng" the Dragon tactic, "Chinatown" and other large production Sherlock surprised many pictures etc..

in Xuanfa and produced, over the past year, plus media to network movie as the main direction of the force, as of the end of 2016 has a number of joint production company, the production team and the more than and 60 department, produced more than and 40 network movie, one of the "bad" become a policewoman in 2016 Lunar New Year stalls network box office winner "more than" original sin; to join the team to build the "stop! Don’t run!", launched the first week at the box office exceeded 10 million. And these two works both into the Iqiyi network movie box office total annual list TOP20; All Star Love Theme "love don’t take away large pot" to pay the conversion rate for three consecutive days to break 10%, made a new attempt for large theme; at the beginning of 2017 on-line "exploration spirit record", is actively exploring the first large iron IP into the big movie network across the road.  

at the same time, Ying has also developed a variety of network media paid content form, including boutique network drama, as well as by the network health content derived movie theaters, such as network drama version of "2017 is the line of the brothers," and "by Wanda films led, hip-hop burden shop produced version of" brother "" cinema.

in terms of business cooperation, the media contributed to the success of, Mengniu, CITIC and other well-known companies in the network drama, especially the first large-scale brand placement of Wang Dazhong.

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released entgroup days before data is expected in 2017, effective video subscribers will exceed 100 million. The future of the network will be the content of the type of diversification, subject differentiation, the direction of the development of fine production.