A5 blog union case website 9CHE’s largest used car trading network

we can’t cover the whole life with a piece of paper, but it can change a lot with a blog. A blogger’s words are likely to change the views of many Internet users.

blog marketing as the Internet’s most IN marketing model, was widely respected, many companies have placed great expectations. Hold high the banner of the network marketing and website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like but how many websites or blossom everywhere, the company is really focus on the blog marketing or word-of-mouth marketing? Or the word-of-mouth marketing and become a "reputation" advertisement. ADMIN5 has no intention of accusing anyone of anything, just trying to improve something through his blog, or trying to do something for bloggers and webmasters, that’s all.

A5 blog union was originally only for the promotion of high-quality website, and now, in view of the confusion in the industry status quo, we decided to open the service. With the help of some long ADMIN5 Adsense nets user support, and appropriate to guide us, don’t go the "reputation" by advertising. At the same time, you can also let those who have been concerned about the Internet blog users can write.


blog Union customers are generally not open to the public, but recently a lot of user response to see some of the existing successful cases, to witness the A5 blog union bloggers to the strength of the firm to the website of the development of confidence. So today we consulted the first major domestic used car industry, 9che network CEO Mr. luanpu agreed to talk about the 9che network in the process of experience using A5 blog union service, the person responsible for his successful experience and we greatly small website to share.


I Pu and 9che net CEO is Luan circle of friends for many years, his website had also encountered all of us have encountered problems, how to spread the website effectively. So when he was troubled by the promotion of the problem, I would recommend this service to him. In my impression luanpu is a very fine person, the control overhead is very good, good at every penny spent in. This is worthy of our webmaster learn more. The Internet is a burn, if not pay attention to the cost, no matter how much money you vote for the VC have run out of time, then you make painstaking efforts website only slowly died. ADMIN5 webmaster network again and again to remind everyone to know how to save the cost of the site, in the financial crisis 1 dollars is money. Because the relationship between luanpu personality, I thought he would be to the service investigation repeatedly to decide whether to use the. I did not expect to understand the details of the A5 blog Union after he agreed to use a. I had asked him several times, but he was crooked avoid the topic. But the fact that this guy’s vision is very unique, and our A5 blog alliance team is also very strong. 9che, the largest used car trading network can not cover the title.

The quality of feedback and the content of the

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