Microsoft Lu Qi the future of search is a human computer interaction platform

came to the interview room, Lu Qi has been waiting in front of the door. The workaholic is executive vice president of Microsoft’s global maintained a slim figure, wearing a Microsoft Logo T-shirt, looks only forty head. Although Microsoft is the highest level executives, but he still are not to mind taking the trouble with every reporter shook hands. "Hello, I am Lu Qi," he said at least ten times.

humble Lu Qi is the highest ranking Chinese American Technology Corp, is responsible for Microsoft’s application and service department, R & D, Office 365, Skype leader Office, Bing, Yammer and other services, to provide technical support for the Microsoft search, productivity, communication line of business. If technology development is the driving force of a technology company, then Lu Qi is in charge of the aircraft carrier Microsoft engine.

interview Lu Qi, search is an inevitable problem. This is also the direct reason he joined Microsoft. In 2008, former Microsoft CEO Sangumaolu Ballmer, Lu Qi from YAHOO, Microsoft is responsible for restructuring the search business. June 2009, Microsoft officially released the Bing search engine. Subsequently, in the case of unsuccessful acquisitions, Microsoft also reached a ten year search strategic cooperation agreement with YAHOO, Google intends to jointly fight.

so, over the past seven years, Lu Qi is about how to treat the business progress and will be the future of search? In an Sina and other domestic media interview, Lu Qi talked about his outlook on the future search business. He made it clear that the future search will be based on natural language, integrated into the human-computer interaction platform.

Three elements of

search engine

Lu Qi believes that the search engine consists of three elements: the first is that use keywords to find information; the second is to get information, enter the keyword after provide users a link, click on the link after obtaining information; third is the exchange of information, with the representative of the service exchange. In this process, the search engine plays a basic role in the portal.

in his view, the current search in terms of user experience is not perfect, and even flawed. For example, when a user is writing, email or reading, suddenly think of something, you must interrupt the current operation, open the browser search keywords, find the link points to open the page, and then return to the original operation.

if it is in the PC environment, it is easy to switch. But if it is on a smartphone, you are engaged in an application in a certain operation, suddenly thought of what to find information, you must switch applications. This user experience ‘friction’ is much larger than the computer. If we look forward with strategic vision, how the mobile phone or wearable devices, can discover information, access to information and information exchange service, this is our instinct, a great opportunity for the whole industry." Lu Qi continues to say.

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