Network about the new deal coming from the political arena without express drops Uber how to do


makes friends worried the National Day golden week has just ended, the world of the Internet and a sound of thunder, for a time, his holiday happy not happy and brutal even 7 class were thrown out of the.

rules about car market mutation, rumbles on

October 8th, North Guangzhou Shenzhen publishing network about the rules of the car, involving vehicles and drivers and other aspects of the requirements, including the most concerned about the driver’s domicile and vehicle ownership. Beijing, Shanghai clearly pointed out that the network about the car driver to have a local account, the license plate, Shenzhen is required to be around the city of Shenzhen drivers must have the city’s household registration or hold a valid residence permit Shenzhen special economic zone.

in addition, the North Canton deep network about the car rules are related to the vehicle requirements, and roughly the same, the following is about the requirements of the Beijing network about the vehicle rules.

5 three car passenger car exhaust amount is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2700 mm; new energy axle distance not less than 2650 mm; 7 seat passenger car exhaust volume is not less than 2.0L, the wheelbase is not less than 3000 mm, the length is greater than 5100 mm.

in accordance with the general vehicle classification standards, 2700 mm vehicle wheelbase is at least B class car, which is medium-sized cars, most of the current express is not up to this standard. However, the entire management rules, the car is probably the easiest problem to solve the problem, followed by the issue of Beijing brand, the most difficult is the Beijing account, how many people have not been able to fight for more than ten years, Beijing accounts.

regardless of Beijing or Shanghai worth mentioning, the introduction of the network about car rules, the core meaning is to limit the participation of outsiders about the car market network. The author believes that the network about the car market, but the current management rules too, requires that the local license is understandable, itself is a threshold, and asked the driver of the household registration is too much, too obvious tendency of local protectionism.

this year network about cars development speed is astounding, for passengers, although express experience occasional flaws, but overall is good, no matter from the convenience or cost of passengers’ point of view, express experience is still very good, xiabuyanyu. The current network about the car market, express mainly, supplemented by car, passengers still choice. The last express, consumers are willing to use, the driver of the black car plunged into the active rules of the game, about the car network platform can make a career, a win-win situation, the only loss is related to the vested interest groups. Network about cars after the introduction of rules, many foreign drivers face unemployment, how fast will return to the black car.

rules change, express nightmare

as mentioned above, the core meaning of network is limited to the field of rules about the car driver, straight talk is discouraging not high value-added field personnel. According to the disclosure aspects of drops, millions of network about the car driver was declared overnight, caught in the plight of unemployment.

actually, the rules of the Internet