Colonel and his soldiers forest station

      in the Internet age, personal website becomes a fashion. But in thousands of sites, it is not easy to stand out. Dalian sanatorium of Shenyang military area command of Colonel Lv Jingcheng’s website "Bing Lin station" in a short period of one year, to fame, seems to make people puzzled. So, "Bing Lin station" what charm? Not long ago, Lv Jingcheng to Kazakhstan on a business trip, the reporter interviewed the likes of surfing the colonel.

      special gift for Dong Cunrui

      Lv Jingcheng is a veteran of nearly 30 years of military service, his heart has always been a dream for the old monitor Dong Cunrui a special gift.

      Lv Jingcheng’s dream began 20 years ago. At that time, Lv Jingcheng has been a soldier in the regiment where he lived in, in May 1986, Lv Jingcheng attended the unveiling ceremony of the statue of the martyrs of Huailai, Hebei province. At this time, he had an idea, be sure to do a meaningful thing, for the old squad leader Dong Cunrui offer a special gift. 20 years later, Lv Jingcheng chose to "soldiers Lin Inn votive.

      two revision to create a different website

      Lv Jingcheng told reporters, "Bing Lin inn" was founded in the beginning, because of his not to grasp the network is not successful, feedback from users, website content is relatively simple. Last September, "Bing Lin station" for the first time revision, in addition to military information, military weapons, dynamic knowledge and a lot of information, Lv Jingcheng according to their own series of articles written in their experience, "a soldier’s story", immediately attracted a lot of basic level cadre love. In order to enter a full website, in July this year, Lv Jingcheng and the "Bing Lin inn" layout optimization, will be extended to the army troops in the story of the story, "master essay" column was born. This unique idea attracted netizens "moment," Lin Bing inn "popular trends. A view of "military forest station" netizens, excitedly to Lv Jingcheng message said, "I am a soldier, who have the same passion and you, a good, only a few years to find military idol, friends do not choose, a fate, I could be beneficial." One of Harbin’s military users see Lv Jingcheng’s military works online message said, "a" victory "will cause it, so majestic content compiled, and comment on the deep, discusses the way, which is enough to permit real sovereign military theory of strength and depth, the heartfelt blessing!" And like this message, Lv Jingcheng’s mailbox every day can receive a lot of.

      "I hope the" Bing Lin inn "to create spiritual wealth for more people. Let comrades in arms to find their own home." Lu Jing said, this is.