SNS and new tactics targeting TANB Market

      NS web site and new weird sights, yet no one touch, the number has more than 10 million gay market. In recent years, the network popular manga and novels, and gathered a large number of Danmei wolves, influenced by comics and novels for Tanbi crowd is not so exclusive.


, also called BL (boy ‘s love) is a pronoun, that is we often say that gay love, in China gay also is definitely a derogatory term, can calm gay, after all, still a minority. In the face of gay attention increasing trend, homosexuality is social status, communication and communication mode and not in fact has been changed to a certain extent, gay dating channel is not smooth, communication and living conditions to a certain extent is not bright.

but the number of gay people in China is amazing, and international surveys show that the proportion of homosexuals usually accounts for about two percent to about five percent of the population. According to Chinese experts estimate that China is currently fifteen years old to the age of same-sex couples about the number of about twenty million, including gay and bisexual men and women, lesbians are ten million of the total number of women in the country is about thirty million. Some of them are temporary, and they turn into heterosexual.

SNS web site to SNS this service for gay people, requiring registered members must be gay, and must be invited by a member of the friends can also be registered. This will ensure the professionalism and purity of its services, to a certain extent, the members of the privacy and communication rights have been fully respected and extended. At the same time, the structure of the website of the same people, gay (Gay) and lesbian (ie Les) is divided into two different registration system, the database exists and does not interfere with each other.

Internet competition is becoming increasingly fierce, for the sake of development and have found no one, pioneering the development potential of the target market, then the application of innovation must be able to find the actual problem, and to solve practical problems. A SNS site that is a breakthrough in the SNS application, not only directly affect the gay community Internet experience, more important is to eventually make Internet service more application and differentiation. But let us see more Internet applications such as homosexuality and other special groups of innovation has just begun!