Chinese around the nternet pornography crime crackdown has cited attention

: since the Internet comic resolutely check "yellow" in the wind Li Hua agency issued

Anhui Hefei police found a website before the release of a large number of pornographic pictures, after investigation, seized the illegal server on the spot. According to the person in charge of Zhang explained, in order to improve the access amount of profit, the website directly links more than 1 thousand and 300 pornographic pictures and multiple video files. After a public hearing, Zhang was sentenced to a year in prison in Luyang District People’s Court of Hefei District, according to the law of the people’s court.

Shanxi Datong Sohn once addicted to chatting on the Internet, when users will be his nude video chat on CD on the Internet and threatened to sell it out after the alarm, the police in one fell swoop as if wakening from a dream, will use the network chat fraud criminal gangs and arrested.


with the deepening of the special rectification, some people are eyeing the blog space. Beijing Haidian police recently seized a earning rate, spread more than and 30 pornographic novels in his blog "blogger", Lee on suspicion of using the network dissemination of pornographic materials, criminal detention by the police, the relevant blog service provider to provide the space for its also being prosecuted for responsibility.

reported that the use of mobile phone WAP Website Dissemination of pornographic information is a new trend of crime. Hubei Ezhou police found a day before the suspect through the mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic articles, after a review of the website is a domestic wireless Internet Alliance line website, and this alliance also provides direct links to other pornographic websites. Hubei police immediately took action, successfully cracked the country’s largest WAP union to disseminate pornographic material profit cases, remove pornographic pictures about 100000.