On the morning of the flagship cheap iPhone conference you need to know everything

iPhone SE is the first approximation of the 3000 price of the new iPhone, its goal is very clear – Android

"we never intended to sell cheap iPhone. Our goal is to sell outstanding mobile phones, providing excellent experience." In 2013, Apple launched a little cheap 5C, Tim · (Tim Cook) to explain their position.

but now Apple’s ideas have changed. Today, Apple released a new headquarters in Cupertino, this is only a one hour conference brings the price is only 3288 yuan iPhone SE, iPhone 6S lower than the cheapest 2000 yuan, but the screen configuration is almost the same.

Apple also play the price war.

iPhone SE:6s hardware into the 5S shell

small screen iPhone rumors from the first generation of large screen iPhone – iPhone 6 – never stopped. Now it’s finally here.

is in line with expectations, the phone is 4 inches, but Apple gave it a bit of a person who can not touch the name: iPhone SE. Apple did not explain the significance of the conference on behalf of it, perhaps Smaller Edition?


surprisingly, it looks exactly like the iPhone 5S. In addition to black, gray, gold and rose gold four colors, iPhone SE and iPhone 5S differences in the internal configuration.


its specifications close to iPhone 6s:

A9 processor and M9 motion coprocessor

support Apple Pay

12 million pixel camera

support Live Photo

4K video shoot

that is to say, in addition to no 3D Touch display, iPhone SE specification and 6S no difference, even higher than the more expensive iPhone 6.

Apple special emphasis on iPhone SE is much stronger than the iPhone 5S, such as 2 times faster CPU and a fast image processor 3 times.

iPhone SE offers two versions of 16GB and 64GB, starting price was set at $399. March 2>