Using Baidu docs website promotion eBook

Baidu know that this month launched a Baidu document, that is, a document sharing platform, before this kind of platform, but because of his special status as well as the huge flow of Baidu, promotion of great significance. PDF DOC DOCX can be released in Baidu PPT format document, of which PDF is one of the most common e-book format, we can publish their own production of e-books to Baidu docs, downloads is very considerable. Many people have used Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, Baidu space to do promotion, but recently Baidu of more stringent control, Baidu know blocked many web site, often contain the URL you send out, promotion effect, now Baidu know the document sharing, it is another extension of the way. Below we discuss how to use Baidu documents to do promotion.

Baidu document address:

is the most direct way to make e-books, and then released to Baidu documents for everyone to download. In order to play an advocacy role, they can add their own website, also can be in each page header and footer with "get more ebooks please visit, so it can guide more users to access your site. E-book format PDF and I think CHM is the best, but Baidu does not currently support CHM ebook, so the best choice is to do the PDF, after the dependence on the platform, others want to change is difficult. After the submission of a good Baidu documents, and then patiently waiting for the audit, the general second days will be released successfully.

In addition to the direct application of

, there are other usage, is your ebook uploaded to Baidu docs, get a document address, for example I uploaded an e-book "SEO search engine optimization based tutorial e-books, his address is http://s., and then go to other forum, or on Baidu. Answer the question will not be as advertising. I tested, in Baidu know the answer to the question of the use of Baidu documents can be submitted to the success of each e-book. In the forum, the group inside hair, most of the time will not be treated as advertising.

a good ebook promotion effect is very good, of course, to make a good choice to collect books from the content, production is also not a small amount of work, we should slowly groping to find a suitable site and their field approach. Today, we mainly discuss the issue of promoting e-books, this is not much to say, interested can contact me to communicate.

in addition to Baidu documents, in fact, there are many similar document sharing site, can be used for the promotion of e-books, here are a few common for everyone to use: >