Out of the regular website promotion model ready to rush traffic

said in front of the promotion is the second, there is no good content to keep the user, promotion only by continuous temporarily stabilize the flow, if the content of the website mode to attract visitors, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion, to improve the flow steady. We want to do is not to flow by hand to a height, but brought up flow from a plane, and on a higher plane, the flow can be maintained even if it is not in the promotion, will flow in the current plane stability, better situation is of course one day can pass flow it is said that with the steady rise in export accounts.

said the first website promotion, conventional methods include search engine optimization, Forum promotion, the promotion of soft paper, external connection also includes some large flow of community to send advertising, these are the owners often use and has been used. If, like I said in the above words, you have a good content, a higher rate of return on the user, do these are step by step upward mobility. The process of moving is monotonous, but the rising income flow and let you get joy and satisfaction, but whether we should choose the appropriate time to adjust the action of this monotonous, perhaps we can at an appropriate time with a very beautiful throw action flow accurately into a higher the platform.

Internet development fast, conventional and unconventional no clear boundaries, now many of the conventional method in the beginning is unconventional, now most people know that picture watermark can not point can bring huge traffic, have in their website pictures with their LOGO, the author also direct some of the CMS program his CMS with such a function, more measures. You look at the picture in his website is no watermark, reproduced on their own web site on the watermark. The first thing to do is pretty good. I remember there was a time when the use of search engines are very popular on the importance of BLOG and get some small way, a lot of people have done a lot of traffic to their stations. Of course, it’s not possible for everyone to have such a good idea. But the ability of thinking of a change or not to think about you webmaster.

think now the network is not calm, every few days will have a hot one or two jump out, remember last year sea art events for the unified multi medium scale fresh out of a fire, the nearest enemy CNN forum also let many people envy. There is also a lot of people what a lot of people have come to a lot of keywords, seize the popular use of hot, of course, very good, but also less meat and more wolves. So I have a little inspiration, why don’t we make it hot, see here, I think someone will say, the creation of popular is more difficult than the popular catch difficult to more than a thousand times. It’s really hot. Small controversial topic, the majority of Internet users are willing to spread. Now in the major communities BBS stick. Easy to spread the content is mainly on a number of technical, patriotic, spoof, popular, controversial, and so on.

In fact,

simply said, is to edit a controversial topic on the Internet