QQ station promotion method two

once wrote an article "QQ station" promotion methods, a lot of friends to consult me, said in a search engine included many, but is highly ranked on the list, and bring traffic rarely, these should be the most of them are not, by copying others website the content to enrich their own website. So the search engine is not very high, so want to let the search engine for your site to bring more traffic, let the site has a good ranking. Here’s my station (www.woqzone.cn) to explain!

my first stop is dedecms do, so every time I went back to the article published in time to choose "bold" in this way, can make the search engine more


two. Increase the website PR, PR ranking factor is important in Google, a higher PR, then his ranking is the exam, in other words, if there are 3 sites on the same content, then the PR high on the row in front. In order to obtain high PR, to increase their website links, these can be found within the site with the connection, of course, and the higher the PR site link, then your website’s PR growth rate will be


three. Increase the number of reverse connections on the site. How to achieve these? Some friends may think of, right, is to write soft. Write a soft Wen can direct website propaganda; two is to increase the number of reverse connection, because the site will be soft web site, indirect indirect direct connection number. You can see what I used to write the "QQ station promotion hair method" a text in the search engine in the number of


three. Increase the cohesion of the website. We often use these methods is a special website set up QQ group, you know, each QQ group set up a limited number, and the number of each group is very limited, for our QQ station, these are not enough, the most simple and most direct way is to establish a network of affiliated stations belonging to the forum, such as my is bbs.woqzone.cn, some people might say, do not want to record the special forum? In fact, you can go to www.5d6d.com to apply for a free forum, then bind your domain name, of course, the premise is must prepare the matter to the site, a lot of people do not stand by QQ reaction to the key problem we discuss today is not some people in the group, with the record to start charging for others for the record, is actually very simple, after the time to write you a universal method for the record. (paoti).

well, so much, I hope you can see after the enlightenment, my QQ is: 348334145 website |:www.woqzone.cn

what do you do not understand can ask me, what do you do not understand can ask me, also welcome you to join me and do friendship!