The traditional blog model will decline to replace him

today, a blog on a blog accidentally saw a 2008 blog.

blog content is mainly written in this site to exchange links: PR3 to do the following Web links, PR4 above can exchange links. I read the comments, 20 pages, I put those left on the comment on the site one by one in the browser to open again, found so many websites, can open a few, even can be opened early is not updated.


so the question is, why do these people give up blogging?

previously independent website blog profits were few: Major League advertising, with wide hard, did not seem to rely on advertising revenue, the premise of survival is the site of the flow is big enough, it is futile, most people write for a period of time after the article, nothing to write, just do a bit crooked idea, copy and paste the others or make some false original what, finally to the whole website is not promising, completely discarded.

McGrady think, big reason is not profitable blog, not support it, to adhere to the present 2016 blogger is a very rare, often in this circle was a group of people.

see here, you might say: another party of the title of the flow of traffic, said the focus, the focus.

no way to take care of the numerous living beings, too many people, a reference to the old fans say, is also to induce click website optimization. But today is not to say that the title of the party is an old man after careful consideration and analysis summed up, do not believe continue to look down.

look at the case:


this is the WeChat public number "one" last year’s news, just these high cold numbers have scared us, a public number is worth how many companies, websites, blog value?


a brief introduction is also very simple, that is, to share a small video every day, the video is characterized by: original + minutes + creative. Why is such a simple logic to bring so much benefit in many of the WeChat public numbers stand out as a leader?

first focus. He focused on the original video, focus on the platform, there is a media interview a founder Xu Husheng, he said his team had developed their own APP, which has not been on the line, do not want to, want to rely on a large platform development, too will waste a lot of energy to do it.

and then do the extreme. One for their own requirements are very high, whether in the quality of the video, or in the text description of the control, two words: strict, >