All the contents of marketing personnel must dry cargo 3 million visitors actually taught me what

writing is priceless, you give your team a voice, to provide some help to your customers, and because of the feedback from employees and customers get more reflection and summary. Writing is not just about expressing an idea, but in the process of writing, new ideas will emerge.

in Help Scout, we have "content" as another platform to provide customers with help. In the last year, nearly 3 million of our readers visited our blog. I think it’s time to make some conclusions. On the content of marketing, the establishment of some deeper aspects of online community thinking.

over the past two years, there has been too much discussion, planning and debate on our blog. Here are some of the following: it is the key to our continued spread of influence on the Internet to build a solid, loyal audience base:

1 so-called marketing, is to convey a passion to customers.

expect customers to be excited about your product, they will have a variety of expectations for your products, and you hold the key to open their imagination.

2 content must point to customer success.

what you write must be helpful, allowing customers to gain some benefits, pointing to commercial success.

3 writing tends to be a barrier to nurturing customers.

David Ogilvy once said: "more and more people tend to write entertainment of the text, rather than to sell a point (product). "Marketers easily let rhetoric blinded their eyes, forget what is their original duties. Please ensure that your knowledge of publicity and education is related to your product.

4 you need to build a content creation culture within the team.

this is not to say that everyone is required to write, but that everyone is interested in the production of content, and encourage cooperation between team members. Content is not just marketing, it is a kind of culture. As John Hall said: the idea of the article is to attract talented people to join in.

"when this is all done, digital content can play an unexpected effect in human resources recruitment above, as it engaged in the field of marketing the power. It’s very simple, good content to attract talented people, it encourages those who make it continue to create. "

5 your problem is not the way, but the quality of the content itself!

my inbox is full of emails, and everyone is asking me, "why doesn’t this work?" people are too concerned about the way they do, and ignore the importance of the quality of the content. In fact, they do not have the quality of content