Tencent over Ali China’s highest market value of nternet Co


BI Chinese station on August 18th reported

U.S. CNBC financial television reported that Tencent has more than Alibaba, China’s highest market value of Internet Co.

Tencent has IM applications WeChat and a number of other Internet services. On Wednesday, Tencent issued a strong quarterly earnings, and the market value rose to $249 billion, more than $246 billion Alibaba.

second quarter, Tencent profit grew by 47% to $10 billion 900 million (about $1 billion 600 million). Revenue grew 52% to $35 billion 690 million (US $5 billion 380 million).

in the second quarter, Tencent’s most revenue from online games. The sector revenue reached 17 billion 124 million yuan (about $2 billion 600 million). Tencent consortium in June this year, the acquisition of the tribal conflict developer Supercell most of the shares.

reported strong quarterly results, Tencent shares on the Hongkong stock exchange rose more than 6%, a record high.

Tencent has a range of popular Internet assets, including network portal QQ.com and QQ messaging applications. (compile / Li Wei)