Do classified information website to have patience

we have been in existence since January 2005. When the total funds to add up to only 800 thousand yuan, now has a staff of more than and 40, into the orbit of the development period, the funds are no longer a problem. What we are doing now is five km of the information platform, such as city dating can play together. This is also not the same place as eBay, Taobao, their home appliances can be placed on the Internet to sell, but also to promote the transaction, does not occur within five km is not easy to do.

3-5 years after the classification information is really golden period

classification information is very, very large industry, but it may take a long time, starting from 05 years, the industry has been developing for nearly two years, is still in very early. Category information search and retrieval website is not yet large-scale profit, profit model in itself, 3 to 5 years after the real golden period."

financing is good or bad forced to make money will make mistakes

we are now saving the strength to fight the basic skills, the next three to five years, we will invest billions of dollars. However, the current financing is not very favorable. Because the financing is good or bad, can promote their own brands, but there are bad places. For example, once the financing will have a board will give you investment each month, two earnings can not, third years will ask you what time to make money, much of the energy forces you to think of ways to make money, this time will make lots of mistakes, it is not the time to market.

entrepreneurship can not only focus on immediate interests

I think it is not the right time to classify the information from the online earnings, just like the Tencent of the year, when it only ten million users when it is not profitable to force it. I want the future, no impurities in the real thing, entrepreneurship can not only focus on immediate interests. For example, not long ago, we build a city with TOM online classification of information channels, is to provide practical information for users, no real use of the classification of information platform.

do classification website to be patient

we strive to do all the information in the classification of the site’s most patient one, do three years or even do not have to do a good job of this site to do a good job in five years. For example, do not spend three dollars to do a click, $five a post such an action, or else he needs to publish, or he needs to find such a website. Here are two experiences:

First of all,

can develop today and a bit of fame in the industry, because of the focus, really. If you insist that the user information is a radish a pit, as long as the user is seeking to be able to". At present, made a post every day may receive twenty or thirty showings phone, so I believe that the house must be able to rent out.

secondly, the importance of the user experience, the full protection of individual users. There are two main aspects of the user experience, one is the authenticity of the information. Currently the most likely to occur in the real estate and friends two