WeChat’s circle of friends in the spread of the 10 most widely heard rumors which silence

social media rumors are often impossible to guard against, those who have an ulterior motive will always come up with a variety of ways to make use of people curiosity, fear or good psychology in order to achieve their purpose. For WeChat, in addition to through a variety of ways to control rumors, they also summed up some data to observe the development trend of the rumor, want to know the past May and June which rumors most people cheat? Take a look at the WeChat Top 10 list rumors circle of friends.

Top 10: test driver’s license is about to add subjects five exam, plus!

rumors: 2015 upcoming will add new driving test subjects, five

with the country in recent years on the driving test of industrial policy to standardize and adjustment and supervision, more and more difficult to obtain a driver’s license. According to the relevant department sources said that this year may increase an examination subjects: high-speed mode examination.

this rumor has been reported in WeChat 51048 times. Police said there is no part to increase the subjects received notice, as for the future of the driving test whether there will be new changes, should be published by the Ministry of public security news prevail.

Top 9: just happened last night, and now it is serious enough to broadcast it, and quickly notify the family!!

rumors: KFC uses 6 wings and 8 legs do chicken wings

KFC chicken factory Insider: every chicken with a tube, a chicken from hatch to finished chicken time is two weeks. Think of you in KFC’s chicken legs and wings, and where so many legs and wings, the other parts are gone? Almost every chicken body has 4 – 5 wings, 3 – 4 legs.

this rumor actually has been passed down for many years, but now is still in widespread. Over the past two months, it was reported in WeChat in 52544, KFC also have 10 alleged disinformation WeChat account to court.

Top 8: Liquor + beer = suicide! Share it immediately!

rumors: Liquor and beer mixed easily lead to liver cancer

liquor is distilled wine, the main ingredient is ethanol; beer is fermented wine, containing carbon dioxide, peptides and amino acids, inorganic salts, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.. These substances can promote the body’s absorption of alcohol, the two mixed drink, will accelerate the penetration of alcohol in the body…

was reported 65581 times in the last two months. In fact, there is no evidence that wine and beer mixed drink easy to get cancer, but in order to be healthy, or as little as possible to drink, drunk.


Top 7: popular magic wheat seedling juice on the balcony, kind of anti-cancer drugs

rumors: drink green barley juice can treat the cancer