CCTV survey information leakage as long as a mobile phone number can reveal all the information

CCTV survey: just a phone number, you can reveal all of your personal information!

recently, CCTV reporter survey found that: as long as the provision of a person’s cell phone number, you can find all his personal information on the network, and covers the whole country. Is that true,


reporter logged in a specialized trafficking of personal information QQ group, where the group of up to 1946 members, very active. The identity of the household, assets, mobile phone records, under the name of Alipay account, the open house records and other personal information of citizens is to peddle publicly, the variety of surprise.



newspaper phone number to get a lot of personal information?

information traffickers claimed that as long as the other side of the phone number to provide access to all of the other party’s privacy information, in the end is true or false?


after a colleague Wang authorized, at noon on February 4th, the reporter asked Wang’s phone number to a seller, asking for information about the identity of Wang, the other asking price 220 yuan.


2:56 in the afternoon, the other sent a screenshot above Wang’s photo, ID number, address, nationality, residence belongs to the police station, then, reporters from other purchased vehicle information and "Taobao" Wang under the name of the shipping address, Wang confirmed all true.

reported on the phone number taxi record accurate to seconds?

QQ group in the sale of personal travel trajectory, every bit of taxi taxi record price is 55 yuan.


reporter Wang’s mobile phone number to a dealer information, after two hours, the other sent a taxi drops from 2016 November to 2017 list, January, Wang recorded every time a taxi, where the car, get off, get off on time accurate to seconds.


Wang taxi information


information dealers


reporter Wang: This is last Christmas, December 24th at 9 in the evening, I took a taxi from the unit to Chaoyang District where my friends live, time and place exactly the same, the rest are also on the."

reported on the mobile phone call records, selling expensive


mobile phone call records, is selling products in the online information market, the price is the highest, generally between 1500-2000 yuan. Reporters paid to the information traders 1500>