Handle the network to respond to buy spike Oolong event is said to be loopholes is not planning

[Abstract] the day before yesterday, handle network exposed group purchase OCT East Oolong event, the period of validity is modified in advance.

the day before yesterday, overseas Chinese town of Oolong event group purchase seckill handle network, causing users concern. Some netizens even said it was a planning activities. Last night, the reporter responded to handle network, the network has apologized to consumers by lashou and OCT East cooperation, but has made clear rules of 1 people 1 days seckill seckill, only one ticket, technical loophole appears briefly, have been properly handled, not a deliberate hype.

the day before yesterday, handle network exposed group purchase OCT East Oolong event, the original period of February 2015 11 to 18, Shenzhen overseas Chinese town group purchase ticket is modified, as of February 12, 2015, triggering hot.

netizens said, after seeing their friends link, immediately bought 10, ready to play on the 18 and his family went to the eastern city of overseas Chinese, the results have been ineffective yesterday, almost make a joke."

an interview with reporters yesterday, lashou understands customer service, in February 18th, to 0.01 yuan can still seckill OCT East of the series of packages, "there are two hours today, every 10." But the reporter tried several times, and no spike success.

in an interview with reporters, netizens think, OCT East Grand Canyon handle online group purchase and original seckill tea Valley package and Grand Canyon have about 200000 people, according to the ticket price calculation, the design of the par value of more than 60 million yuan or so, but handle temporary change effectively after the deadline yesterday, although the bear seckill and visitors to the park entrance fee, but the cost of a few million yuan, has actually reduced the cost of tens of millions." Do not engage in such activities without the courage to take responsibility."

a lot of users believe that the user spike is not wrong, but that there are loopholes in the hands of the network in the event of technical vulnerabilities, should be given to buy more successful spike users. More netizens questioned whether this is a planning activities for the network, after all, caused a great impact, causing so many people’s attention." Yesterday, the reporter contacted the handle network, the eastern part of the overseas Chinese town, the eastern part of the Grand Canyon, a staff member said that they did not know prior to the notice of the event.

senior tourism analysts Wei Changren analysis, seckill activities are a marketing tool, "grab can attract consumers, did not grab the increased attention." But he said, for businesses, if there is no quota or after seckill seckill cannot cash, affect the integrity of the enterprise, impair its own reputation, but The loss outweighs the gain. For consumers, it should be rational treatment, to choose their own content of the spike, in addition, to see the terms of the restrictions to see whether to accept.