Share the marketing methods that emerged during the Olympics

imperceptibly, 16 days of the Olympic Games has been introduced, in the Olympic Games, we have experienced too much, also see too many Olympic Games will trigger the project marketing, on our side, we see the micro-blog Marketing Marketing for others, we are familiar with Baidu the Olympic Games marketing gold medal, we face it touched the shadow of marketing, then this article say about yourself during the Olympic Games marketing.

first: the Olympic Games with the award forwarding – micro-blog (Marketing is not positive and negative)

" as long as the Chinese gold medal number first, micro-blog forwarding a person to send a "iPhone," Liu Xiangruo wins the championship, each sent iPhone, never go back"…… In a call with V and micro-blog official sources, the generous "commitment" to be accumulated millions of times of forwarding. This is just a game of words: curry favour by claptrap a person to send a "total send only one person; give one, is" everyone gave me a ", I believe a lot of friends in micro-blog on the move, indeed, is really a little Tim shameless playing these games. Especially during the Olympic Games, in such a way to deceive the people of feelings is worth more cast aside, but on the other hand we understand will not think so.


think this way, certainly is the text game run in the Olympic Games, and in order to carry out a variety of concerns like deceitful editing text, will China the broad and profound essence of Chinese characters play out, where we can learn is to take full advantage of tempting with some keywords to improve their attention so good, get much attention, finally discovered the error when another apology came to an end, this kind of marketing in micro-blog also experienced too many groundless talk, just like Fang Zhouzi and Han Han, Fang believes that in this event, although access to a large number of attacks, but also get a lot of attention, marketing, whether it is positive or negative, are able to go on.

second points: real-time news reports, real-time sharing – Baidu bidding (real time is everything)

in Baidu, when the China team won the Baidu bid, there will always be among the various auction news, this is called the first point to seize the news, first reported a news angle, on the other hand, the website is timely, greatly improve the flow of attention, as shown below.



this is the Tencent for real-time news produced promotional information, have to say for this constant attention, other micro-blog’s attitude on the performance of the just passable, Baidu as a huge entrance of the message, which is a must.