Want to be the next explosion Tell you how to promote social media to allow App users to double

Abstract: it is now an era of social information, people access to information is no longer only concerned about the news, search, so how to use social media to spread word of mouth has become the focus of everyone’s attention. Friends push CEO Li Gan recently wrote an article on how to apply the marketing, how to improve the spread rate, as well as common drainage methods.

trends: search traffic decline, social traffic doubled, people spend more time in social media


recently I believe we can feel that we are more and more information from social media, rather than search, is not news, even we get from social media information than from the news faster, more relevant to some.

this is a foreign a social traffic analysis data provided by the company, in December last year, this year also did not get, we can see from social media flow over the previous year more than doubled, and from the search traffic began to decline, estimated this year this proportion will be closer to the. We can feel it, we are exposed to many products or app is not the first time from the search or contact some channels to have problems, not for the first time to the Baidu search, but directly in the circle of friends shouted, because behind social media is not only the information, and more people.

in this trend under, drives a transformation of the traditional marketing way, before a company to launch products in buried products made out after going through some channels, channels or advertising to promote their products, users need to buy, this is as loyal users the last piece of the funnel model. And now, because of social media is more and more developed, more and more companies pay more attention to, but also said that the word-of-mouth is more need to pay attention to the user, the first batch of seed users, maintain loyal users, through word-of-mouth and their social media to get more users, and then go to the shop to do the market channels.

word of mouth spread of the iron triangle: products, user relationships, social media


how to do a good job of the user’s word of mouth, from a strategic and tactical point of view, the main core in this picture. This figure is quoted from the co-founder of millet, vice president Li Li recently out of a book "participation" inside. We know that millet is relatively fast growth in recent years, social marketing to do the best company.

indeed there are many places where we can learn from and even reflect on, such as word of mouth spread this. In fact, when we talk about the operation must not be separated from the product, and the product is always the core, so to see the inside of the reputation of the iron triangle, product is under the engine, on the right is the relationship with the user, on the left side of the accelerator is social media.

from the road and the angle of the operation, the inside of the triangle is the road, outside of the layer of the