Admin5 webmaster network server security training courses to enroll

training objective: according to the latest statistics, the average every 20 seconds, a website was compromised over the Internet firewall 1/3 is compromised, there are serious security vulnerabilities of network system in China more than 90%, due to the vulnerability of the information system of the global economic losses, hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and increased year by year the trend. Let the students master the various server Windows, Linux platform for the establishment and management of security configuration and through our training, through the actual security application Raiders training, let members understand the principle of hacker technology skills, mastery of security technology, website security experts become true, create a safe and stable server environment.

registration consulting: QQ:886128 (hadron) phone 0516-83798263 18605160189 to leave contact phone number, QQ, and name

start time: December 18th – December 29th (specific training time for the night at 20:00 – 21:30


Lecturer: Sudu is currently a large portal operation and maintenance engineers, with many years of server security maintenance experience, currently providing security services for a number of Network Inc website.

charges: charge 300 yuan per person (payment address:, not can be transferred to the next semester to learn, learn so far)

Time course of

: a total of 10 classes, every lesson, a total of 10 days, all is pure application environment for dry cargo course video tutorial, explain the +QQ + voice group ask the way


courses are arranged as follows:

first lesson: Windows site under the environment of the installation and configuration -IIS article

Course Overview: this lesson will teach you how to use standard methods to build support ASP, PHP,.NET, Zend, MSSQL, MYSQL, pseudo static application environment

second lesson: windows under the application environment installation and configuration -Apache article

Course Overview: this lesson will teach you how to use Apache to build a php+mysql application environment on


third class: Web application environment safety Raiders – system security

Course Overview: this lesson will be from the most basic to the directory security risk components shielding to the system32 directory of individual exe application files to the PHP directory, set the security safety, ARP virus defense

fourth lesson: IIS single site under separate security configuration

Course Overview: this lesson will teach you how to create an independent and secure virtual hosting environment, so that they do not