Pass to play the game 8 million user information was leaked several game website attacks



is leaked warcry

username and password


users to publish data packets screenshot, everyone, happy, Tianya and other sites accused of becoming the next batch of leaked target

[TechWeb] December 22nd news reports, following the CSDN more than as many as 600 user information by hackers announced after the net games have 8 million user information was leaked.

yesterday afternoon, there are users reflect that CSDN user database was hacked, more than 600 user information was leaked. CSDN official immediately confirmed the accident, said the library is used as a backup in 2009 CSDN, up to now did not identify the cause of the leak. CSDN existing 20 million registered users account password database has been taken to protect the ciphertext and backup.

then someone broke the news that the attack site is not a CSDN, play the game 8 million users, 20 million users, website 7K7K game 10 million user data has been compromised, more people released packet shots, including, said the happy net, Tianya, Jiayuan, Lily network such as a large number of the social networking site would be the next target.

up to now, there have been a large number of user data is published in the network games. However, these rumors have not been officially confirmed. (Chuck)

(source: TechWeb)