WeChat a new blueprint for integration of multiple online and offline connection ability remodeling

[introduction] three years ago, born in mobile Internet, WeChat began to do another thing, remodeling online and offline contact.

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on November 19th

three years ago, born in the mobile Internet, WeChat began to do another thing, reshaping the online and offline contacts.

this change is no longer online payment, offline services, but will be incorporated into a series of pool of ability to help third parties, thereby changing the relationship between people and the outside world. Among them, WeChat’s public platform is the carrier of this connection, rather than its overseas competitors Line advertising business.

in November 19th, in the birthplace of WeChat Guangzhou, the team moved into a new office building, but more outsiders are concerned about the afternoon of the convening of the general assembly of the communication partners (hereinafter referred to as the communication conference). Although WeChat Product Manager Zhang Xiaolong did not attend, not even like in Beijing in August that the forum video propaganda, but it can be seen that WeChat is the integration of Tencent the ability of the platform with another set of ideas, is the most important sign of nine ability to open them.

in fact, before the launch of the public platform Tencent, WeChat is just a tool for people to contact, it can be one of the alternatives to SMS and phone, but there are also meters chat and other competitors. However, when the public platform turned out, WeChat has become a contact between the world, this almost declared the end of an era.

"every public number is a APP." Zhang Ying, deputy general manager of WeChat’s products (micro-blog) of this paragraph is to talk to people at the scene of the communication conference. WeChat continues to add new functions at the same time, the WeChat team did not make a clear definition of its future development, but from Zhang Xiaolong to the "WeChat is a way of life" perspective, the most likely solution is the user in the mobile life "necessary" and "many" in the scene.

Xiong Gengchao, general manager of Haier smart home in Beijing innovation center, seems that WeChat’s 24 hour online concept is consistent with the value of home appliance services, because the user’s use of home appliances anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the use of WeChat to achieve intelligent control of home appliances have a high degree of relevance, which will also help the rapid popularization of the concept of smart home.

in the communication conference, is the Pacific Coffee, fast and easy network that traditional consumer O2O partners, but also Haier, the future of television, Guangzhou police this more generalized practitioner of O2O mode. Although the launch of WeChat’s payment can solve almost all of the commercial realization of the problem, and the introduction of more functional interfaces, or will make more industry vision into reality.

public comment products and vice president of operations Jiang Yueping told the Tencent of science and technology in the interview, "authorization, QR codes with parameters and obtain location information he thought the fastest application function. Set up an association between WeChat users and public comment users