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visual rehabilitation plan

open web pages, search engine keyword search, you can see countless, dazzling fortune telling, Feng Shui website.

the website homepage, filled with all kinds of "master", so the first few generation master, is mainly responsible for the China, and similar international I-Ching Institute, numerology Institute, association and other agencies, President, vice president or consultant.

you can see, they are priced services: character analysis, name, time, fortune, home business Feng Shui layout, construction project planning and design of Feng Shui, Feng Shui cemetery location, training and so on, a few websites launched successfully, elite, excellence and other similar packages;


charges less price hundreds of dollars, more than three to four million price. Some websites have started selling all kinds of electronic commerce, the mascot of the talisman of Feng shui. Even the website online grave business.

if you open the phone, Apple App store or in the Android electronics market, you can see all kinds of fortune telling information, Feng Shui, fortune telling software.

fortune, Feng Shui, the ancient mysterious business, when the Internet appeared in the commercial living space not wait to find it.

another psychological comfort

Jiangxi Ganzhou auspicious feng shui, which is the largest online book shopping mall Chinese. The sale of goods including Yi Feng shui compass, software, books, Feng Shui mascot, teaching CD and other types of similar sites common commodities. Six or seven years ago, mall general manager Chen Jianliang and his father founded the site. To do this business with most people, Chen and Feng Shui also strong tune their relationship, said his father on the 40 years of history.

profit in more than 75%, a year down, running water in about 1 million yuan." Auspicious feng shui network is now one of the best selling products, is applied to PC and mobile devices Feng Shui software. Living in an economically underdeveloped prefecture level city, Chen is satisfied with this performance.

for those price 30 ~ 500 yuan software supply channels, Chen Jianliang talk ambiguously. Finally, he said, they come from all over the country to develop these software companies, asked his partner, Chen signed a confidentiality agreement refused to answer. He stressed that he is selling genuine, and that those who pay online download Feng Shui software site, most of them are crooks, are free to find elsewhere".

Chen, annotation prediction, horoscopes, abstruse words, Xuankong Feng Shui redirection software, is actually looking for a ">