Stationmaster net broadcast Baidu SkyDrive adultury and part of the account is closed micro blog exp

1 Baidu SkyDrive for alleged dissemination of pornographic information is part of the account is closed


August 11th news, recently, the media from Beijing City pornography office was informed that the masses reflect part of SkyDrive’s Baidu account exists dissemination of pornographic information problems. By the relevant departments to investigate, identify some of the contents of pornographic Internet publishing information. In August 6th, the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps confirmed containing pornographic content Baidu SkyDrive dissemination of audio-visual programs, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service, the Baidu Inc issued a rectification notice, SkyDrive asked Baidu to delete the relevant content immediately closed dissemination of pornographic content account, rectification, and submit rectification report. (end)

2 Internet financial instruments opened the gray arena three modes of operation  


notes, from the payment of variation as a financing tool, there is no lack of controversy and risk. Free regulatory halt in 2012 after the bill of trust and related banking products, hidden in the past under the operation of the line through the Internet platform to grow rapidly. Our reporter through investigation, visit a trader, opened the three modes of operation behind the Internet bills finance, financing from relatively simple notes, to the trade commission payments to the credit payment cycle, its operation seems to have formed a gray arena. However, in foreign claims of low risk is even zero risk, but there may be a fake, no real trade background and the transfer of risk evasion and illegal operation of the problem, it is worth noting that at present this piece of business is still in the regulatory vacuum.

monetary fund at low tide, hot Internet banking bill.

from all kinds of main financial instruments P2P platform to Ali financial treasure, Sina micro wealth of gold and silver cat bills and other Internet financial platform, and even the traditional commercial banks have also joined the online financial instruments camp. For example, relying on Minsheng Bank Bills Business livelihood electricity supplier launched the people’s livelihood easy loan -E votes through, China Merchants Bank small business E home investment and financing business are online bills financial services.

3 porn domain stolen new message: has been transferred to the Moniker platform  


domain name is after, second stolen heavyweight porn domain, before the MXN Limited company has filed a complaint to the WIPO requirements, retake the domain name. Today, according to the latest news overseas media, domain name is being restored, and has been transferred to the domain name registration management platform Moniker.

porn domain is MXN Limited, in 2007 to spend $9 million 500 thousand acquisition of high prices. About a week ago, the company found the domain name Po>