A5 topic Pacific direct purchase crazy suction gold sites suspected pyramid schemes

Admin5 webmaster network reported that in recent years because in the society’s "great achievements" — Jiangxi investment ten, integrity innovation pioneer Chinese influential man, harmony Chinese 2010 annual influential figures, ten outstanding entrepreneurs integrity and many other honors and enter the people view the wonderful Life Inc chairman Tang Qingnan, because of alleged MLM organization and leadership activities the crime was arrested on June 1st. Tang Qingnan shouted "new wealth model" the world’s first, but suspicion, pull the head of wholesale "future profits", was questioned disguised pyramid selling and illegal fund-raising.

wonderful Life Inc was founded in July 13, 2007 in Jiangxi, Nanchang trade and Industry Bureau, the company’s e-commerce platform, the Pacific direct purchase official network was formally launched on December 18, 2008. In September 20, 2010, as the leading e-commerce company of a Nanchang municipal government investment, Pacific direct purchase official website successfully entered Jiangxi WITHUB Red Valley creative industry park.

Since the

web site, has been a good image of science and technology creative website in front of the public. On the one hand, the Pacific direct purchase official website claiming to subvert the traditional business pattern, create a new BMC mode, to provide consumers with a "money + money", "employment and entrepreneurship" platform; on the other hand, put forward the "integration of resources, win-win" business strategy, social resources "integration", to create a set of virtual management, electronic commerce, supply chain, call center, financial and other traditional mode advantage in a super light company.

at the end of December 2011, Jingdong, Eslite mall, red child, dangdang.com, Chinese snacks network Yesmywine, ctrip.com, patriot and other 94 well-known merchants settled Pacific direct purchase official website "integrity rebate business alliance". On this platform to sell and buy up to about 20000000 kinds of goods.

2010, Pacific direct purchase official website the average daily turnover of up to hundreds of million yuan, the total annual turnover of nearly 300 million yuan, of which mobile, telecom, China Unicom prepaid payment of a business year total turnover reached 190 million yuan.

2011, the site is only Unicom, mobile, telecommunications business exceeded 1 hundred million per month, in the second half of the commodity trading week exceeded RMB 13 million yuan.

by virtue of the "ahead" business philosophy and strong turnover, the Pacific straight purchase of the official network has been favored by the local government. The local government is not only free of charge for the purchase of the official website of the Pacific provides the whole floor of the refined decoration office, but also provides a lot of preferential policies.

, however, is such a "global vision" of the Super Company is now a huge variable the chairman was arrested, internal personnel upheaval, 13 departments are forced to adjust for the 6 sector, business loss.

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