App Web Web die life life will come back

when we look back on the history of the evolution of technology, we should also pay attention to the logic behind the evolution of technology.


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a few years ago, the United States "connection" magazine published "Web Internet life is dead," the article, the author is one of the long tail theory proposed by Chris. Anderson (editor in chief Chris Anderson, is the "connection" magazine), great influence of this article.

in recent years, with the mobile phone and tablet computer sales, Native App is popular, and even the United States famous social networking site Linkedin to web mobile applications to mobile applications, app based on last year, Facebook founder Zuckerberg is admitted to "focus on the HTML5 surface is the biggest mistake he ever made the". Web App seems to have become a "backward productivity". Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that Apple’s apps downloads reached 50 billion, which is an impressive figure.

however, through these representations, when we review the origin of Web, and the achievement of its growth, we still have reason to believe that app will die, and Web life.

said here, App will die, Web life, refers to the current download and install the mobile Internet application mode of this kind of need, the inevitable decline (but not decline), and the generation of the rise of application based on HTML and browser, will make a comeback, and re occupy the dominant position in the whole mobile Internet application. Here are the reasons behind this.

a Web past life

1 the origin of the Internet

in order to understand what makes the application of Web (browser based) occupy the PC era of dominance, and why it will be in the mobile Internet era comeback, we need to look at Web’s past lives, and the driving force behind its reincarnation.

From 1961

on computer network communication exchange published in 1965 two, a computer connected to the first birth of the computer network, research on the communication between computers will officially come into sight. The TCP/IP protocol is designed, which is the basic protocol of the internet. For example, if the network is a postman, TCP/IP is the address of the two communication formats and standards, not the standard, the postman is unable to get a letter from the sender to the recipient. But the letter sent to the communication, is only the first step, the letter content must be with the sender and receiver understand the language, or speak the same language, this language, in computer terminology, is the file / text level protocol.

in the late 60s, IBM published in the text