Tmall may successfully listed for the cancellation of the double eleven year end promotional activit

[TechWeb] reported on September 18th news, according to Chinese the voice of "news" report, said Ali special lawyer, in order not to affect the United States listed Ali, proposed to abolish the "double eleven" activities. In fact, double eleven this day for Taobao users have been regarded as the end of Ali’s Tmall mall big promotion day. The cancellation of the double eleven message also makes a lot of friends like to buy some dissatisfaction.

according to the analysis, double eleven is likely to be identified as below the cost of dumping goods, into the risk of being sued. Therefore, the experts suggested that, in order to Ali group successfully listed on the NYSE, Ali should try to avoid unfair competition, antitrust and other legal risks.

it is understood that from 2009 to 2013, Tmall mall double eleven sales were $50 million, $936 million and $3 billion 360 million. And in 2012, "double eleven" Alipay day trading volume rapid growth, reaching 19 billion 100 million yuan, including 13 billion 200 million yuan Tmall mall, Taobao 5 billion 900 million yuan, the number of orders reached 105 million 800 thousand pen.

2013, Taobao "double eleven" trading volume exceeded 100 million in just 55 seconds, and reached 1 billion in 6 minutes and 7 seconds, exceeded 5 billion in 38 minutes, connected to 5:49 in the morning, Ali day trading volume exceeded 10 billion; 13:39 reached 20 billion yuan; 17:31 exceeded 25 billion, 11.11 of total turnover 35 billion 19 million. Thus, if Ali cancel double eleven will cause no small losses. (rain)