Baidu responded CCTV exposure withdrawal of information to apologize for introspection

15 this month, the 16 day, CCTV "News 30’" for two consecutive days reported Baidu PPC shady, Baidu PPC is that too much manual intervention search results lead to spam, involving malicious shield, referred to as "blackmail marketing". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Baidu Inc, was exposed to a number of relevant information, PPC, Saturday afternoon has been the first time all emergency evacuation.

Baidu said some auction web site to use false medical information services rank promotion on its website, is a Baidu sales operation system caused by mismanagement, Baidu has conducted a review, and for all kinds of false medical information network to clean up the whole treatment. For the majority of Baidu users, the feelings of other competitive ranking customers caused harm, Baidu apologized.

Baidu said that due to too much attention to technology and research and development, and the lack of strict management of sales operations and system investment, Baidu has been a profound reflection. Liu Jun, vice president of Google China engineering and Research Institute recently said that in the search results according to the advertisement price level to the sort of way, contrary to the fairness of the basic search, will harm the fundamental interests of the vast majority of Internet users.