Beijing’s first P2P run away Net Campbell half hidden behind the majestic Everbright

Beijing’s first P2P website "run away" the protagonist of the event, on-line only 4 months net Campbell in June 4th quietly closed, then, investors have found that its website reserved Tel also a state not connected.

as of press time reporter, the total amount of investment of more than 600 yuan is still unaccounted for, involving more than 130 investors nationwide.

by more than 100 investors consisting of rights can not be found because the team behind the entity can not be in Beijing City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department filing.

however, the net Campbell behind the company began to emerge. The financial weekly newspaper reporter from the Ministry exclusively learned that the network Campbell record information display its organizer for the Beijing Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the magnificent majestic Everbright Everbright).

and the other according to the reporter, by the net Campbell volume cheated 200 thousand yuan investors Ms. Zhang had to check the flow of funds to businesses is majestic everbright.

it is worth noting that, on the second day of the site closed, the merchant in June 5th to close the final account of the money.

minimum 13% yield bait

investors told reporters that the financial weekly, net Campbell in cooperation with the central bank said, Guarantee Corporation guarantees for investment projects, but also the use of a series of measures to attract investors to maximize the amount of investment.

was originally on the site, the investment of 100 thousand Yuan Wu told financial weekly newspaper reporter, they found the site from Baidu, Sogou search engine, but it is worth mentioning that the network also get Campbell Sogou certification.

after the contract of guarantee website declared and Hubei Zhongzhou guarantee investment Co. Ltd and counter guarantee contract, to provide full principal and interest guarantee for investors". At present, the Guarantee Corporation has completely denied cooperation with Wang Jinbao.

another bait is more direct. According to financial weekly newspaper reporter, net Campbell does provide attractive lending rates, the lowest annual rate of not less than 13%. Reporters from the reservation network website screenshot Campbell see, the annual rate of return of a project to display 15%+3%, and the 3% is the site claimed rebate promotion period.

in the net Campbell investment 70 thousand yuan Ning said: "that the net Campbell as a new set of sites, need to use high interest rates to attract investors, so there is no doubt that high loan interest rates."

is different from the "P2P", the site in the initial promotion period that it uses P2C2G (personal – Enterprise – guarantee) investment platform. But it is worth mentioning that the loan on the site for the company is not directed against individuals, and each enterprise issued a single standard minimum financing 1 million yuan. Due to the amount of each set of funds to finance a large number of sites, the number of virtual objects manufacturing also significantly reduced.

is a virtual standard, the financial weekly newspaper reporter found in the network website screenshot Campbell, the name of the borrower is very vague, ""