B2C played for 10 years O2O played for 2 years B2B can play for 100 years

Abstract: B2C played for 10 years, O2O played for 2 years, and B2B can play for 100 years. Because this industry is too traditional too difficult, high threshold, or a blue ocean, all walks of life have the opportunity to be born BAT. This opportunity for B2C players are more likely to succeed, if cut into the traditional industry cut B2B, + on the industry, the greater the likelihood of success.


filed a week ago in the school on behalf of the annual meeting, Tobey network founder Liu Ningbo are still very excited: "sent on behalf of the annual meeting speech than I imagined to be successful, I did not expect so many people to be interested in B2B." Before he had to guess the B2B content is too professional is too small, the possibility is not a small ice halfway.

can be seen from the reaction of the B2B really fire, the arrival of the same as the air to attract the attention of the downstream players on the B2B and attention". Liu Ningbo believes that B2B has its reason in today’s hot, everyone is a consumer acceptance of the Internet as the Internet applications increased significantly, to work to conflict, psychological rejection is no longer so strong; the two is this time change is from outside to inside, enterprises in the procurement and sales personnel in urgent need to solve the traditional in the business process of pain through the Internet, more than the previous enterprise boss a lot better, the initiative of the staff is much higher; again, the government, the capital and the media first appeared together, the whole industry’s external environment improved significantly.

at the meeting, Liu Ningbo on the B2B market space, the development process, the current stage of the popular development model are analyzed.

from the point of view of development, B2B has long been at a low ebb, this is a forgotten treasure island". Regardless of the proportion of total retail sales accounted for 80%, or the number of joint conference in China World Trade Center show that the field of unlimited opportunities. However, because of its B2B away from consumers, has not received attention. More importantly, perhaps with the industry is not unrelated to the stage.

in the view of Liu Ningbo, Ali can be said to be a microcosm of the initial stage of B2B development, 1999 Ali B2B origin, and then go through a Hongkong listing, to performance decline, Ali delisting, almost a representative with information model based on B2B 1 times, with early HC, global sources have a similar experience. This is a new opportunity for development has been in line as the B2B 2 era, general trading as a symbol, "in fact, we do is only around the transaction, whether it is pre match or customer service logistics, derivative financial services are based on transaction layout. The real elements of the transaction – payment, still need a long process of development". Behind this, the core of the new development of B2B is actually the reengineering of business process and supply chain structure. This theme has never been changed, no matter how change, change from the pope. And the key to this success, perhaps in this core concept has become an application from the scene, the industry development potential