How to analyze competitors

before I did an experiment, I asked twenty different industries in different regions of the small and medium-sized enterprises bidding responsible person, ask them to do the bidding of the time will not go to the analysis of the competition? How to analyze? Only 4 companies to analyze the competitor’s bid put, but are simple the analysis is not comprehensive enough, the remaining 16 do not have this consciousness, then they said regular monthly renewals, etc. in addition to this is the telephone, barely had a call auction, then, other work busy telephone. Half of the 20 companies bidding for the relevant personnel are usually responsible for management and maintenance, half of the enterprise no one tube. I immediately asked them to promote the effect, the majority of people say that the effect is basically no loss but did not make money, only a few are said to have a little effect. Today you check Hongjiang together and discussed about whether to go to the bidding competitor analysis problem.

small and medium enterprises to do the bidding purposes:

paid to promote more potential customers and brand display, of course, the ultimate goal is to profit.

small and medium enterprises bidding market:

assume that the number of potential customers in an industry’s online market is 100 thousand, assuming that there are ten competitors to do the bidding, if the average is basically every company on the 10 thousand potential customers. But certainly not the average distribution of data, there will certainly be more enterprises, some may not get much. In addition to the brand, the product and the company’s strength and other aspects of the factors and the bidding skills, and so there is a very big relationship. The network market is certain, if the operation is better, the more potential customers, the more profits you will get.

small and medium enterprises to do the bidding value:

if you put 10 thousand yuan fee, a month or a year, in addition to cost you 10 thousand back, that means you are not losing money, the indirect is a waste of time and effort to help Baidu to work, if the loss is not to mention it. So do as much as possible to do a good job, so that the profit, so valuable. To do well, it is necessary to analyze competitors.

analysis of competitor’s purpose and importance

analysis of competitors can know what others are doing, why do others, others do effect good? In order to gain the advantage of others to make up for their deficiencies or their own innovation, in order to improve their effectiveness. The problems of their own, inadvertently is not easy to find themselves, through the analysis of competitors can reflect their own problems, so as to improve the problem.

What does

analyze competitors


generally do the promotion of the competition, the analysis of competitors mainly from the following aspects to analyze.

1, analysis of competitors keywords.

analysis of competitors to do what keywords, do a number of keywords, this can