3456 com want to build a successful purchase for site navigation station

September 8th news, according to informed sources revealed to reporters recently, the company passed the 4.cn ylmf success from overseas to buy 3456.com domain name, the domain name prices in the million yuan.

reporter through the domain whois information query, 3456.com domain name registration in January 1999, has been 12 years of history after the transaction 3456.com registration, registration of all people have been transferred to the company account for.

digital domain because of its easy communication and easy to remember, by domestic enterprises and users, site navigation station for digital domain is more popular, several digital navigation is related to the domain name, but also in terms of the flow do very well.

ylmf official told reporters that even the whole world four digital domain of only 7, the company spent heavily after the acquisition of 3456.com will use the company’s resources and technology to provide more convenient site navigation website search and collection for the domestic Internet users in the 114la advantage on the basis of the website style and content will be great change.

is well known, site navigation is to facilitate the initial contact with the network and the birth of the crowd. Today, with the gradual decline in the structure of Internet users, website navigation and ushered in a rare opportunity for development. At the same time, a number of urban white-collar workers, in the beginning of the Internet, but also have the experience of using the site navigation, and gradually formed a habit continues today, which also brings great momentum and development space for site navigation.

according to DCCI data show that as of the end of 2010, China’s Internet users reached 467 million people, representing an increase of 2009 of 33%. 2010 China online advertising revenue reached 25 billion 660 million yuan, is expected in 2012 the figure will reach $46 billion 100 million, beyond the newspaper (42 billion 390 million), the Chinese market has become the top advertising media. Based on the rapid growth of Internet users, Internet advertising market continues to expand the scale, as the site navigation website and information retrieval tools has become an important entrance of Internet users, the Internet entrance status of continuous improvement. Because of the importance and particularity of its position, but also a large Internet Co compete for users of an important battlefield can not see the smoke.


value in the domain of contemporary blowout, domain name application pay attention to domestic enterprises, only for founder Lai Linfeng grasp the good domain name to many thousands, large number of rare XP.com, 115.com, domain name holder 116.com, 769.com, cntv.com, QQ.net etc.. According to the analysis of industry professionals, the current major navigation hao123, 360 navigation, 114la navigation to occupy the domestic market dominant position, for the money spent on the purchase of the 3456.com domain involved in the domestic navigation field, whether in the fierce competition.