Google Chinese released the annual hot words Baidu search

Beijing time on December 10th afternoon news, Google today announced the 2010 China area ten most popular search keywords, Baidu ranked first, and happy net list.

Google in the tide of the times 2010: global search overview (Zeitgeist 2010: How theWorld Searched) released the above information, the report analyzes the accumulated billions of search queries".

this year, China’s ten most popular search keywords include: Baidu, QQ, Taobao,, hao123, 163, uusee, Youku, Tudou, kaixin. (wood)

below for detailed list data

ten most hot search term

Baidu QQ Taobao 4399 hao123 uusee Youku Tudou network

The search term

ten grew fastest

qq2010 Shoushou Tangshan earthquake boss happy Dragon Valley World Cup avatar Valkyrie Foxconn summer of foam

ten most famous celebrity

May Han Han day Guo Degang Gaga of, and by which he is on the other side of the world, he is the best of the world. The lady of the

is the best of the

ten mobile search hot words

mobile phone novel pictures QQ weather everyone Shanghai game Kaka Baidu

mobile search ten fastest rising word

World Cup Yan Fengjiao Shoushou He Jiong resigned the Dionysian door aojian Lingyun farmer navigation Wu Shen Yin and Yang Foxconn crown

the ten largest business class search term

bank, Alipay express company registered advertising agency marketing consulting venture stock market

‘s ten most watched film

Afanda, the Tangshan earthquake 2 IP inception squads of young soldiers guard the siege in October Form is emptiness.

ten of the most popular TV series


version of "Three Kingdoms" bubble summer sweetheart marriage battle scheming beauty boss happy palace dwelling snow leopard version of "a dream of Red Mansions"

ten most popular online games

The Saier number

Dungeon Fighter Online Moore Park World of Warcraft Cross Fire Obi Island zombies War Within Three Kingdoms myth rose town of

ten most frequently searched life information

online shopping information map and traffic information weather information bank information film information lottery information train time and ticket >