Guangxi normal university four college students donated 10 thousand to the disaster area

earthquake in Sichuan, Wenchuan affected the hearts of the people of the country, has aroused great concern in the community, including college students.

more than 11 points in May 13th, Guangxi Normal University, a college student and a graduate of less than a year of college students came to the Guilin Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau donated to the earthquake stricken people in the area of $10 thousand in cash in 3. It is reported that they are Guangxi Normal University School of economics and management, Academy of Fine Arts and students in learning to start a business, who is currently in charge of Guilin Burson Campus Culture Communication Co., the company was founded in 2006, the registered capital of only 100 thousand, currently operates a campus SNS website (, the main business is to provide jobs for college students employment service. The fund is the company’s first quarter earnings. They also actively encourage students to carry forward the spirit of the University, concerned about the disaster area, for the people of disaster areas to give love. At present, they are combined with other companies are preparing to Guilin city colleges and universities issued 20 thousand copies of leaflets suggested that students love for the disaster area people, and 10 thousand cards printed with Chinese heart publicity, encourage students to unite and help to overcome the difficulties. In addition, they will also be held in various colleges and universities to pray for signatures, called for more people to participate in the tide of earthquake relief.

earthquake lovers, as a college student, we have the responsibility to help our compatriots have the obligation to help them tide over the difficulties and rebuild their homes.