But the price hikes report COM domain name N counts

      today is really unlucky, watching the news this morning, the foreign domain name registration service on the Godaddy site, the original home up to $$8.95 a year has become a $$9.99 per year, the price of about 11%, it seems some time ago rumors of the COM domain of hearsay prices is undoubtedly the!

      news is bad news! Foreign prices rose, the domestic COM domain name is not far from the price of the day. Then, as I do, I don’t know how many people have lost their blood. The COM domain name and many American made so-called, often with "international" name, actually fooled a lot of people. The United States is the world’s best manufacturing is not equal to, and uncle Sam often to China itself, often acting in hegemonism thinking, regardless of the feelings of others.

      a crime: cut into two halves, let you eat yabakui!

      COM domain name unexpectedly so unprovoked, said Rose up! Unfortunately, many people in the COM domain name has been used for several years, the price was cut into two halves, let you not to also do not go to the teeth, continue to pay. No way, who did not have much choice. Anyway, has been used for so long, even if it is also unreasonable price hikes. Overlord terms, ah, we say that this is a strong buy and sell what difference!

      the friend said, now even Niubi mobile so many years are one-way fare, Beijing subway price, a small COM domain but also to rise, it is money! It is not the king of burn the bridge after crossing it. The common people of the few money, also let this guy casually to press, really can not say!

      two counts: Verisign to reap profits, blame others

      COM domain price increases, users cry, but some people laugh! This guy is Verisign. You do not know, this is in charge of COM domain name registration services business company, actually has a military background and the background of the Ministry of Commerce, the battle behind the tree to make money, can be regarded as a genuine profiteers.

      we wish an account balance, the global all Verisign’s products are based on the original price, income of hundreds of millions of dollars on the moment to add a 100 million, all the family property can be worth China some Internet companies. Moreover, Verisign companies do not have to pay any costs, it will not open a hearing, a word rose on the rise. Of course, this can also understand, profiteers, which have so many reasons and I said.