Stationmaster net broadcast the network Baidu Sogou search traffic hijacking doubt strife

Abstract: there is such a circle, known as the Internet circle, where there are a lot of things every day. Today is Sogou and Baidu on whether their hijacking traffic clarification, He Jiong joined Ali and music as a CCO grade, the network was traced to civil strife and so on. For details, please see below:

1 Baidu Sogou Sogou search traffic response: hijacking is or will be held liable for  

face today micro-blog users broke the news, open Sogou search mobile client is jump to Baidu search page, Sogou search traffic hijacking openly issue, Baidu responded "alluding to the Sogou search mobile client is redirected to Baidu search" video forgery. Sogou search immediately issued a statement that has been verified with Sogou search mobile client traffic by malicious hijacking to Baidu, Sogou has been notarized infringement, and retain the right to pursue further legal liability.

, according to the name, want to have been walking to work, the user broke the news, open Sogou search mobile client should appear Sogou search page is automatically jump to Baidu search page micro-blog. This malicious competition in an improper manner, illegal access to traffic behavior, was temporarily included in the industry, including V, including many users attention and hot debate.

2 "P2P regulation draft" Thirteen questions  

at present, many net loan institutions from the qualitative information intermediary, guarantee credit, misallocating capital pool, by the information intermediary alienation as credit intermediary, therefore, the "measures" to regulate such behavior, in order to purify the market environment, the protection of the financial interests of consumers, the nature of the net lending institutions return to the information intermediary the.

in accordance with the Party Central Committee, the work arrangements of the State Council and the people’s Bank and other ten ministries "on promoting the healthy development of Internet financial guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance") on the division of responsibilities, the CBRC study in conjunction with the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the state Internet information office and other departments of the drafting of the "Interim Measures for the management of network business activities credit information agency" (draft, hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), the relevant questions are as follows:

3 how far away from the fourth pole of the

from BAT?  

Ctrip is undoubtedly the current online travel industry giant, so that the industry has even recently appeared fire prevention and anti theft of the remarks.

Ctrip in 2015 really learned a lot, won the elong and go the former two competitors, Ctrip has been sitting on the lion’s share of the ticket, hotel, industry leader position, and brutal price war has come to an end.

is not only Ctrip, other companies in the field of online travel is also a relief for the price war finally relieved: the industry can gradually return to focus on the product, the service itself above.

but Ctrip