Following the Sina M micro blog micro blog push online instant messaging function

May 7th news on May 6th, is a very memorable day, webQQ released an enhanced version of the new air client, to achieve the webQQ cloud and computer desktop zero distance switch. And in the evening, Tencent micro-blog released online instant chat feature, listen to each other’s friends can chat directly through the Tencent micro-blog chat module.

chat module in the Tencent micro-blog right corner, currently not all users can use, 3 and above can model trial, if not to the model three, you have to refuel.

below we experience Tencent micro-blog chat:

first, click on the lower right corner of the chat module, landing micro-blog chat. When chat module from gray to white, on behalf of your successful landing.

two, open the chat window after landing, very simple, you can view the online micro-blog friends, but also can set your chat.


three, click on a friend, you can send a message to a friend micro-blog, support QQ expression and send shortcuts (ctrl+enter)


four, a friend received the message, it will be in the contact list flashing tips, click, you can see the news of micro-blog friends.


Tencent micro-blog integrated instant messaging feature, is not very intimate, do not have to exchange QQ number, but also with micro-blog friends chat, very much like a function.

it is worth noting that the Tencent micro-blog chat feature does not integrate QQ friends, that is to say, micro-blog’s relationship chain is a new chain of relationships. After the Tencent micro-blog relationship will not be imported or integrated into the QQ chain, the relationship between micro-blog and QQ

will be how to define?