Five minutes denied selling happy farm to Tencent

October 14th news, according to Japanese media before the Tencent acquired millions of happy farm reports, happy farm game development company COO five minutes Xu City to the NetEase’s exclusive clarified that the Tencent and five minutes belongs to the special relationship in the happy farm, there is no purchase media said. "Five minutes will continue to have the intellectual property rights of the happy farm, and no relationship with other partners."

recently, the Hongkong securities firm Main First investment report, triggering a one-time acquisition of Tencent happy farm rumors. Hongkong Main First investment report released last week also showed that Tencent bought the game, and the five minutes of the company does not exist income sharing problem. The media quoted the report that "five minutes" and the Tencent has reached a purchase agreement, only to spend millions of dollars will be the hottest social games into the bag.

five minutes COO Xu City to the NetEase said five minutes and Tencent reached an agreement on the special happy farm, according to the agreement the Tencent will pay a fee to five minutes, the right to use the highest with happy farm in, a few million yuan cooperation cost amount and rumor close. "But we’re not going to sell happy farm products, and we’re not even thinking about selling five minutes." Xu Cheng said.

, like most social games, happy farms also charge fees through virtual items, and all the people, thousands of oak happy network and other sites joint operation, both sides can be divided into income. After the news of the acquisition of Tencent happy farm, has caused the industry to Renren, thousands of oak Happy web sites such as SNS and five minutes of the original cooperation to produce variable concerns. For the establishment of a special partnership with Tencent whether the impact of existing partners, Xu said it would maintain the existing cooperation model, will not be affected.

Tencent particularity is reflected in the five minutes can be removed at any time happy farm in other SNS sites to use the right, but Tencent can decide to open and close happy farm." Xu Cheng said. As for other specific terms of cooperation, Xu City on the grounds that it is not convenient to disclose more details. Xu Cheng also pointed out that five minutes in the future will be more to consider the promotion of happy farms in FaceBook and other overseas community sites, so you can consider sacrificing cooperation with the domestic part of the SNS site is divided into.

Tencent insiders to the NetEase of science and technology confirmed that the Tencent has indeed bought the right to use the happy farm, happy farm in Tencent has changed QQ." At the same time, relevant responsible person said to the NetEase of science and technology, and five minutes in the happy farm, not because of any influence of Tencent and five minutes now and cooperation, will not have any impact, more do not need to pay into the costs of Tencent.

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